Nuno Norte Pinto

What Really Matters in Life

2015, Too much despair, too many people needing help

2015 Google

2014, four decades and counting


Opinion – March 2014 – a bit of my small but committed civic intervention on the human drainage happening in Portugal (in pt)

Here is the link to my opinion article in the Portuguese weekly newspaper “Expresso” on 8 March 2014, about the current emigration in Portugal (in pt).


March 2014 – New F1 season starting, exciting new changes, thrilling new technology

It’s  overwhelming how visualisation technology provides a whole new perspective of the complexity of things.

March 2014, incredible images from Yosemite National Park

These are absolutely breath-taking images from Yosemite National Park in California; they really make you think a little about the true meaning of things in our lives.

February 2014 – A lap in Silverstone with a Mercedes Petronas F1

What an incredible view! Gives you what may be the feeling of driving a F1 car. Use the cursor keys to experience it in full.

sauber petronas


2013, one of the most important years of our lives

One of the most important years of our lives, for the good and for the bad.


December 2013 – Vinnie Jones teaching how to save a live with CPR, and many lives were already saved!

See Vinnie Jones (yes, the crazy footballer Vinnie Jones!) teaching how to save a live using CPR on a cardiac arrest, with the Bee Gees “Stayin’ Alive” beat. At least 28 people were already saved by other people who saw Vinnie’s campaign. That’s a really good campaign!

November 2013 – Bob Dylan’s new video Like a Rolling Stone

The great new video for ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ after 48 years of one of the most beautiful songs ever sung.

October 2013, a new perspective from the Edge of Space in 2012

What a fantastic ride!