Nuno Norte Pinto


Current Teaching at the University of Manchester

Nuno is the Programme Director for the MSc in Urban Design and International Planning

Nuno is the Study Abroad coordinator in P&EM

Current course units:

2016/17 Semester 1 

PLAN30000 Dissertation (UG), course convener

PLAN60751 Urban Design Studio 1, course co-convener

PLAN60090&EVDV60890&PLAN60380&60390&60480&60550&60560&60790 Dissertation (PG), course co-convenor

Past course units:

2015/16 – Semester 1  PLAN10091 Critical Analysis of Place, course convener, PLAN20071 Urban Development Project, course convener, PLAN30000 Dissertation (UG), course convener, PLAN40501&60721 Urban Design: Principles and Practice, course co-convener; Semester 2 PLAN20032 Research Methods, course convener, PLAN20172 Urban Policy and Practice Fieldtrip, course co-convener, PLAN60492 International Urban Design, course co-convener

2014/15 – Semester 1 PLAN40501&60721 Urban Design: Principles and Practice, course co-convener, PLAN40761&60761 Analysis and Monitor of  Spatial Policy, lecturer, PLAN30000 Dissertation (UG), course convener, PLAN60090 Dissertation [MSc Planning], course convener; Semester 2 PLAN20032 Research Methods, course convener, PLAN20072 Urban Development Project, course convener, PLAN40712 International Fieldwork, lecturer

2013/14 – Semester 2, PLAN20032 Research Methods, course convener, PLAN40712 International Fieldwork, Course Leader, PLAN60090 Dissertation [MSc Planning], course convener



Other Teaching Collaborations

Modules on CA and on Modelling and  Planning in the Erasmus+ Intensive Master in Geographical Modelling, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg, February 2016

Module on Modeling on the GIS course in the Master in Urban Management and Valuation, Centre for Land Policy and Valuation, Technical University of Barcelona, Spain, Ongoing

Module on CA modeling on the GIS and Planning Master at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Porto, Portugal, Ongoing

Short Course on “Urban Design and CA”, Erasmus Short term Educational Mission at the Faculty of Architecture, Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands, 2012

Teaching at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria

Regional and Urban Planning, Transportation and Traffic Engineering, Geographic Information Systems, Final Project, Road Design I, Road Design II

Teaching at the University of Coimbra

Regional and Urban Planning, Integrated Masters on Civil Engineering and on Environmental Engineering. Theory and fundamental concepts of spatial planning, quantitative methods in demographics, economics, and urban analysis, decision support methods (multi-criteria analysis, cost-benefit analysis, optimization in public facilities planning), transport planning, history of urban planning.  

Urban Project, Integrated Masters on Civil Engineering. Theory and fundamental concepts in urban design, public policies for urban regeneration and urban development, land management, land mobilization, introduction to land valuation.

Common Competences II – Specialization on Planning and Transportation, Integrated Masters on Civil Engineering. Research methods and tools: literature review, literature databases, introduction to paper writing, English for engineering and planning.