Nuno Norte Pinto

Research – COST TU1002, Junior Researchers Network, Summer Training School in Valença-Tui, Portugal-Spain

The Junior Researchers Network of the COST Action TU1002 “Accessibility Instruments for Planning Practice” will have their 2013 Summer Training School (STS) in Valença and Tui, in the Portuguese Spanish boarder along the Minho/Miño River.

Young researchers from Italy, Greece, Israel, UK, The Netherlands, Turkey, Poland, Spain, and Portugal will meet to address new planning challenges focusing on accessibility in the new spatial concept of an Eurocity, considering new regional strategies that emerge for Euroregions.

The case of Valença/Tui, a recently created Eurocity in the Euroregion Galicia/North of Portugal will the the case study for this STS that will occur from Junoe 9 to 14, 2013.